67 Last Laugh Tickets! Injustice Gods Among Us! IOS/Android


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Maybe if we had 77, we would would have had better luck ^^ Sometimes we wondered… How really rare is the Fourth World Gears? Since some of us got it within our first few tickets we received. We decided to test the rarity by using 67 Last Laugh Tickets we earned through Survival Mode.

Note” it is impossible to get up to 16+ rounds, the highest you can go up to is 16. You can stack them when you cash out and exit right after. However, there is a trick where you can stack more.

Knine Unit: Youtube.com/TheKnineUnit

Also, the two Girls in the video are not from any show, we made them. #KuosProject

The Survival Mode is a new mode brought in Injustice Gods Among Us in the recent 2.6 Update that released recently. Basically you take a spin before you fight each round and if you win that battle you will receive what you obtained on the wheel during your cash out. The Tickets are bound to be given every 3-5 Battles.

Music: Lensko – Cetus

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16 thoughts on “67 Last Laugh Tickets! Injustice Gods Among Us! IOS/Android

  1. If only I'd be able to unlock 'Arkham Origins' The Joker somehow. Literally, the only character card I've ever wanted.

  2. That glitch doesn't work on Android Samsung S3 phones. I've tried 1000 times. Can you help me with a working glitch for Last laugh tickets? I will subscribe and Like all your vids, np. 😉 PM me pls

  3. LOL at least you got two of the three. I played every single 4th World season for four months and did all the buy ins. All I got were about 34 chest plates. Then when I started playing more sparingly I finally got the Mace first then the helmet.

  4. Btw guys if you put your phone on airplane mode and change the time to manual and make the date to the next day you can play survivor mode as many times as you want as long as you change the date to the following day and before turning of airplane mode set your time to automatic, ps i used this to get a shit ton of gears in one day

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