Best Trick Ever! Free Injustice 2 Superman & Aquaman! 2.10 Injustice Gods Among Us IOS & Android


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Best Trick Ever! Free Injustice 2 Superman & Aquaman! 2.10 Injustice Gods Among Us IOS & Android

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This Injustice trick works on both IOS & Android devices.

And until the next video, I’ll catch yall later.

This is a beginner/intermediate guide for how to play as Scorpion in Injustice Gods Among Us

Scorpion Beginner Combos
Scorpion Intermediate Combos
How to Use Scorpion
Scorpion Guide
Scorpion Combos
Scorpion How To
How to Play Scorpion

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35 thoughts on “Best Trick Ever! Free Injustice 2 Superman & Aquaman! 2.10 Injustice Gods Among Us IOS & Android

  1. lol it takes sooooooooooo long to finally get one though….like I've done it probably 50 times already and still no Suicide Squad characters….I just keep getting credits, augment cards, and crap characters XD You definitely still have to put in work in terms of the time you spend repeating the process over and over and over and over again….

  2. bro it did not work idk what happen i waste $400 dollar spaming it and log off and went to a different account log back in and it didnot work my mom is going to kill me if she realize waste her money help m,e

  3. There's a easier way when you get any pack and if you don't like it you can click on the home button twice and go back on injustice you will get your money back when you get a pack and you don't get the character you wanted do not click confirm just do the thing that I just told you

  4. Do any of you experience crashing more often than usual in this update? Its unplayable for me. I'm on Android btw.

  5. I for some reason can never pull off these combos, whenever I tried doing them I never got past the first three hits and I can't pull off the enhanced spear after 'back-light, medium' I tried both the analog stick and the D-pad, pls help.

  6. Hey Gamers!
    Anyone have season pass to Injustice?
    I want Mortal Kombat Scorpion and extra Characters/items

  7. Honestly i suck in online i cant do the big as combos but i like playing with others my score is 5 wins 4 loses but honestly im a noob on this game but i still have fun

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