14 thoughts on “How To Hack Injustice Gods Among Us Mobile 2017 • Working For iOS & Android • Injustice 2.13

  1. This version of the program is not working now. If you want a working version of this hack tool simply make a search " rivaloguides " on google.

  2. This video show you only fake informations. This is the new edition of the hack tool all you have to do is to search " rivaloguides " on google.

  3. The Injustice Gods Among Us hack from the video is outdated and doesn't working. If you want a working hack/cheat simply type this url:
    hacksx. com/igau

  4. Fellas Your Doing It All Wrong. If You Us Lucky Patcher You Can't Sync Your Saved Gamed Or Your Achievements To Your Google Play/IOS And You Can't Sync It To Your WBID as Well. And Lastly You Should Only Have The Limit Of 999,999,999 Credits But If You Exceeded That Amount Limit Your Account Will Automatically Get Suspended/Banned.. Cause I've Done Multiple Experiments On 3 Accounts. Well You Can Still Play And Log-in To Your Account But Mark This, "YOU CANNOT PLAY MULTIPLAYER ANYMORE"' Which Is The Fun Part Of The Game Next To The Survivor Mode. Campaign Ain't That Nice At All. Campaign Are Boring To Play. Just Take My Advice Guys. I'm Sure You'll Be Heading The Right Way If Ya'll Want Your Injustice To Be Playable Until The Future Especially In The Multiplayer. Peace!

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