Injustice: Gods Among Us – Bane Guide by KingBlackToof


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Made with DLC Patch Update that came with General Zod.
I didn’t bother with UI in this guide because he’s not very button/combo intensive guy.
Over an hour long guide for Bane in Injustice Gods Among Us.

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20 thoughts on “Injustice: Gods Among Us – Bane Guide by KingBlackToof

  1. Back one one two forward three back back special super back one one three down two up three. Wtf dude put the combos on the screen i cant understand what youre saying asshole.

  2. Venom uppercut can hit even if blocked. If they block the initial hit, Meter burning it will cause Bane's legs to hit them on the way down, and knocks them a fraction of the way it normally would. It makes the move safe on block and 70% of people won't see it coming.

  3. Can anyone help me unlock Knightfall Bane? i dont have an iPhone and id really appreciate it my gt is ThexRedxHoodx43

  4. Oh and it is Unblockable, so you'd imagine they intended for some situations of raw usage.
    Don't get me wrong I'm not throwing it out on wakeup for no reason.

  5. I've used it Raw to try to punish situations where the opponent is in recovery, after a whiffed or blocked Super of there own. Usually just passes through them for no reason.
    Yes when Combo'd into it's not that bad.

  6. I regards to his super usage, I don't think its "rubbish" at all, sure its unreliable when you use it raw, but who uses their super raw as bane to begin with when all you have to do is hold up? I use it after f2d everytime. at level 3 f2dxxsuper is 59% of unclashable damage off an armored overhead. I use his super all the time off f2d, but never raw

  7. Yeah… I really ought to know that, lol. But I'm kind of on a Street Fighter kick right this second so I haven't played Injustice lately. And I'm going for the 100 wins per character, so I haven't hit up my mains in a while (Bane and Grundy).

    I linked this video on Eventhubs by the way because I have a Bane thread there, so hopefully people will come see this masterpiece.

    And lastly, your channel is fucking awesome man (I'm here from Tru3Talent), thanks for all the great content!

  8. Lvl 3 Venom gets through any armour; from Meter Burn, Supers, anything else and things that act like armour such as Aquamans Water Shield

  9. Doesn't level 3 venom blow through meter burns as well? I can't really test that right this second or I would do it myself.

  10. And that is why you should NEVER, EVER do Bane's Super outside of a combo. It seems all they have to do is press a button and poof goes your meter and you eat a full combo. Fucking weak.

  11. I really have that luck in FG, always chosing lowest-tier characters as main… Oh well, I got used to it long time ago.

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