Injustice Gods Among Us iOS Bonus Battle 6 Powerleveling and XP Farming Battle 36 Tips and Tricks


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In this Injustice Gods Among Us video, we show off the best way to level up new characters. When you are doing Battle 36, you will get an average of 12,000-13,000 XP a fight, with all of the XP cards. If you have two maxed out characters(I highly recommend Red Son Superman and Wonder Woman) with proper blocking and paying attention to when you should take hits and when to block/attack, you do not need more than two characters to complete the fights. You are pretty much not using your third character except to take specials, so pay attention and block.

If you are running into a character that doesn’t do a lot of damage, be sure to take hits to get to your Level 3 Supermove before you finish him off, taking a few thousand damage is worth it if a Bronze or Silver character are beating on you.

Second fight of Bonus Battle 6: 33,948XP(4,620 Credits)
Third fight of Bonus Battle 6: 34,017XP(4,690 Credits)
Fourth fight of Bonus Battle 6: 34,086P(4,760 Credits)
First fight of Battle 36: 12,585XP(1,230 Credits)

All values are with every +XP card in the game, so results are 15% lower without as there are 5 XP cards total, setting you back 180,000 Credits if you do not get them out of booster packs.

By doing Battle 36, you will have to do the fight 8 times to get the same results. You can take a Level 1 to Level 13 in the three fights in Bonus Battle 6 mentioned. One fight in Battle 36 will get your fresh Level 1 character to Level 5, which is great when you are doing a Level 2 move video to show off your characters. Bonus Battle 6 will put you at Level 8, 11, and 13 if you have all of the +XP cards.

As for the Mirror Match, while the Red Son team is very capable of handling the Mirror Match, the XP is much lower for the first fight, so if you don’t time glitch, make sure you use a different character like a fully promoted Gold card, or a team of fully promoted and upgraded Bronze characters to get past the fight. If you go the Gold card and 2 Bronze card route, put the Gold card in the second slot and you’ll likely beat up on the two Bronze cards first.

Battle 36 is still a very important part of farming, because you can take ONE gold card unpromoted, and win the fight, although with Red Son Deathstroke I played a bit sloppy against Catwoman and struggled, I still managed to do it without bringing anyone else in, for demonstration purposes.

If you are serious about high level farming, I hope that my tips helped you out.

Necrotic Energy(Level 2 Ability) A series of blows fueled by the dark power of undeath. A 3 hit kick(Think like Arkham origins Batman) that cannot kill multiple opponents if the first hit lands.
Night Strength(Passive) Blackest Night Batman gains 20% Damage between midnight and sunrise(Which I will assume is Midnight and 6-7am, assuming the wording means anything)

Arkham Origins Batman is temporarily available in the shop for 375,000 Credits, and is 1,000 Damage, and 1,150 Health, and his passive starts him at 2 bars of power. And I will be happy to let people know I have purchased one upgrade for him, but I will not upgrade until either I cannot buy any more, or I can do an Elite V video.

Enjoy the video and if you have any questions, or video ideas, please run them my way! If you like the video, feel free to comment, like, subscribe, and help get the word out to your friends.

Power Credits Online Tool

20 thoughts on “Injustice Gods Among Us iOS Bonus Battle 6 Powerleveling and XP Farming Battle 36 Tips and Tricks

  1. I have a  fully promoted silver green lantern elite seven silver death stroke and elite 7 silver night wing.could I beat bonus battle 6?

  2. I have superman vanilla, level 38, elite 1, and I can easily beat it over and over while level up killer frost but also getting a great amounts of credits. Thanks for the video!

  3. I also found for even people like me with people with no elite cards yet that the bonus battle from the batman boss gives like 14k xp

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