Injustice Mobile 2.14: Which glitches still work, plus full summary (2 March 2017)


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… or “RIP glitches”. Sorry, that was a spoiler, wasn’t it?

We switch (temporarily) from our usual naming convention for the recap, since we try to go over everything we have picked up about update 2.14.

As discussed in the video
Account suspension:
Flashpoint Batman:
Blackest Night Superman:
Most Wanted Pack opening:
(Apokolips Darkseid) Challenge pack opening::

Power Credits Online Tool

17 thoughts on “Injustice Mobile 2.14: Which glitches still work, plus full summary (2 March 2017)

  1. Hey so i found a glitch. I scoured the internet to see if someone else has already found it but it doesn't exist anywhere. It is a glitch to breakthrough any gold character of your choosing upon completing the gold breakthrough challenge. Works hands down every time and I have tested this about 12 times. email me if you want and i will send you a video to show you how it works so you can make your own video to put on youtube for the internet. Only if you want.

  2. Free Credits Glitch start work as soon as you turn on "Limited Ad Tracking" at Privacy tab at Phone Preferences. In case if you don't know! )))

  3. Wait if the Flash Point Batman challenge ended march 16 and the Teen Titans Raven challenge began march 23 what was the challenge from march 16-23?

  4. Oh about the random credit glitch, I made a video on how it works. I hope I can help and I like your videos! Also can u tell me if u find a glitch to great get great gear?

  5. Is anyone else having problems on Survivor Mode. Every single time is time to cash out I don't get the power credits I won and sometimes even gear or augmentation cards.   🙁

  6. Injustice is crashing now when I go to SELL and click UPGRADES. It has crashed 10 out of 10 times. (on Android)

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