Skip Trick Injustice Gods Among Us IOS Android 2015


Power Credits Online Tool

The Skip Trick is basically a Time Saving Glitch and mostly useful for those who have a lot of credits and just skip battles in challenges.

The Celebration Booster Pack: Just showed how it looks, Ill will open it in the 1M Views celebration video!

Sneak Peak: Static Shock is Next! then MKX after Killer frost just confirmed it!
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This is a character guide for Zatanna in Injustice: Gods Among Us. It covers some beginner and intermediate combos and goes over some general strategies when using Zatanna

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Power Credits Online Tool

31 thoughts on “Skip Trick Injustice Gods Among Us IOS Android 2015

  1. Ninety ninth like coming in on my behalf (btw this YouTube account along with my google play account is not based off Arkham Slade, it is a parody account about a teenage 17 year old Deathstroke. Batman fans chill.)

    …That'll keep a few peeps off me. o.o it was that or the handguns and split colored helmet.

    Way off topic now but I don't know why my deathstroke doesn't add another eye hole to his helmet but he may just find it cooler

  2. New Glitch being uploaded today, be the first one to comment! From the hundreds who will comment on that vid in the future! ^^

  3. Pls pls pls just use proper terms such as 1 square 2 triangle 3 X and 4 circle pls this vid was hard to follow and just fucking annoying pls fix this

  4. I'm sort of new to fighting games… I've played mortal kombat killer instinct MvC and street fighter as a kid but I would just press random buttons… Now that I'm older I kind of know what I'm doing when it comes to basic combos but I can't play against players because they push me towards the corner and they can still break my block somehow or they go for the grab… What is the best way to become better or feel more confident with rushing opponents at the right time… I watch people that play in tournaments on twitch and I think how can they play so fast when I can barely pull off a combo on a dummy that is standing still?

  5. Wow Extremely helpful and holy shiet I don't think I can do all the fancy crap u did, but I have a much better understanding of my fav character now, thanks

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